Abel Auto

Despite the prodigious invention of the last few decades, from data processing to multimedia, the motor-car will remain the mythical object of the century, and “car fever” is nowhere near dying out.

Since 1802 Abel Auto is particularly proud of having taken part, even modestly, in this great human and technical adventure.

But do not see in these words any nostalgia, a face turned to the past; today more than ever, Abel Auto, continues to express themselves through two keywords:


We are very happy to present to you our professional range. An innovatory range, of course, but also the services which accompany it, entirely directed towards the optimization of technical performance, of greater working comfort, and of its greater added value, and dedicated to you, the car professionals.

Together, we are inaugurating a wonderful second century of the motor car.     


Ioannidis Stelios Co
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